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Quickly find a Mobi Bike

Take a look at our in-app map of Vancouver to find your nearest station, check for available bikes, and plan your trip. You’ll receive live updates on how many classic bikes, ebikes, and bike docks are available at any of our stations – just click the icons at the bottom of your screen to find what you’re looking for!

You can click on the icons below to apply a filter to your map to find the nearest available classic bikes, ebikes, or bike dock!

Classic Bikes / Ebikes / Docks

Navigate the city with ease

With over 250+ stations, 2500+ bikes, and the Mobi by Rogers App at your disposal – Vancouver is more accessible than ever before. Take advantage of the Mobi by Rogers App’s navigation system that utilizes Google Maps to guide you to any station in the city. Save yourself the hassle of having to plan your trip at home, and let us show you the way while you’re on the go!

Some of the 250+ stations are e-stations that charge the ebikes. E-stations can be identified in the app by looking for a station icone with an electrical cord: 

Update your account quickly

Update your information, manage your plan, and keep track of your billing & ride history – all through the Mobi by Rogers App! You can change or cancel your plan to suit your needs.

Track your trip history and stats

You will have access to all the details of every trip you’ve taken with Mobi by Rogers, like how far you’ve ridden, for how long, where you started, and where you ended each of your trips –  making the Mobi by Rogers App your one-stop-shop for all your account management needs.

Hiccups along the way? We got you covered.

At the click of a button, the Mobi by Rogers App can solve any issues that you may have with your trip. Use the Mobi by Rogers App to reach out to our helpful Customer Service team to report an issue and we’ll get you back riding in no time!

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