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Build your Brand and your Business with Mobi by Rogers!

Leading global, national, and regional organizations choose to sponsor bike share programs in order to support their respective cities, and to achieve specific community and business objectives.


Aligning as a Community Sponsor of Mobi by Rogers provides select sponsors with valuable tools to address key business priorities:

  • City Building: contributing to a game-changing program for Vancouver
  • Sustainability: associate with an environmentally friendly initiative and the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan
  • Active Living / Wellness: encourage healthy active lifestyles and a more livable city
  • Safety & Education: support a safer, shared transportation network for all users
  • Member Engagement: build customer loyalty and interactions with members through an innovative user marketing platform
  • Employee Engagement: meaningful way to assist with employee health, retention, and recruitment
  • Tourism & Exploration: connecting locals and visitors with all the great things the City of Vancouver has to offer

Mobi by Rogers offers a range of customized sponsorship options for select Community Sponsors.

We are proud to be working with UNITE Partnerships as our official partnership sales and marketing agency. If you are interesed in learning how a Mobi by Rogers sponsorship could be tailored for your business, please contact hello@unitepartnerships.com


For more information on different partnership and marketing promotional opportunities please contact marketing@mobibikes.ca




Our Partners and Supporters



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