BIKESAFE is a program presented by Vancity for Mobi by Rogers. In collaboration with Hub Cycling, this program will strive to promote and educate for safe cycling on Mobi bikes.


Cars turning right

Be aware of cars turning right. Stay safe by waiting behind cars, or shoulder checking and passing on the left.

Left turns using bike boxes

Green bike boxes are protected areas just for cyclists to wait at intersections. Use them to make yourself visible when it’s time to cross.

Stopping for pedestrians

Slow down in pedestrian areas, and yield to those on foot.



Dooring” is when a vehicle door opens and hits a cyclist. Avoid this by always riding 1 meter away from parked cars.

Your Safety Is Important To Us

Are You New To Cycling?

We are excited to work with our education partner HUB Cycling who provide Streetwise cycling courses which are fun, practical, and hands-on. Learn how to communicate with other road users, safe lane positioning, route planning tips and more. Build your skills and confidence to make riding in the city enjoyable!


Been In An Accident?

Seek Immediate Medical Attention
Get off the road away from moving traffic. If you are injured call 911 and request an ambulance. If your injuries are minor, consult a doctor immediately and get a written evaluation. Have photos taken of injuries and record symptoms for several days.
Obtain Driver Information
Exchange information with the motorist, including: name, phone number, driver's licence number, licence plate number, make and model of vehicle and insurance policy number.
Wait for the Police to Arrive
Even if you believe you have not been injured, wait for the police to arrive. You may not realize you've been injured until later. Once you have left the scene, it may be impossible to track down the motorist. When the police arrive, co-operate. Stay calm and make sure you give them your side of the story. Take down the name of the officer and ask for the police case reference number.
Document What Happened and Obtain Witness Information
Remember the details about the accident: when, where and how it happened; and road, traffic and weather conditions. As soon as possible, write everything down. Draw maps or diagrams showing the position and direction of everyone involved. Take photos. Write down the names and phone numbers of witnesses.
Contact Mobi
Please contact us to report the incident and file an injury report.