UBC Pass

As part of the expansion of Mobi to UBC, Vancouver Bike Share has partnered with Commute Smart at UBC to provide faculty, staff and students with more affordable access to bike share on campus. Ebikes are now available at UBC!

How to Sign Up

  1. Download the Mobi by Rogers app
  2. Sign Up using your UBC email
  3. Purchase your preferred pass from the "Corporate Program" section
  4. Enter the associate promo code (see promo codes below) when prompted
  5. Add payment method
  6. Start Riding!

Promo Codes for UBC 

Please find your respective promo code below:

Annual Corporate Pass – ubcfaculty23p
UBC Pass – ubcfaculty23e

Annual Corporate Pass – ubcstaff23p
UBC Pass – ubcstaff23e

Annual Corporate Pass – ubcstudent23p
UBC Pass – ubcstudent23e

Service Area



My promo code isn’t working. Why?
The promo codes are only applicable to passes found under the 'Corporate Program' heading. Specifically, the promo codes can be used for the following pass types:  Annual Corporate Pass, and the UBC Pass.

Please ensure that the promo code you’ve copied matches the pass you’ve selected (ie. if it’s the code for a standard pass you’re applying it to the Annual Corporate Pass). The promo codes are case sensitive as well, so please ensure the code matches exactly. 

Email info@mobibikes.ca for further support.
I don’t want to use HOPR. Do I need to sign up for it as well as my Mobi pass?
No, you don’t need to sign up for HOPR. Access to HOPR is optional and you’re welcome to only use Mobi, if you’d prefer.
What happens if I don’t sign up with my UBC email?
Our customer support team checks the emails on all UBC passes to confirm that UBC emails have been used. For any accounts that don’t have a UBC email attached, pass access will be paused until a UBC email has been added to the account.

When the pass is reactivated, the days spent paused will be added to the end of the pass expiration to account for unused time.
I already have a Mobi or HOPR account, how do I switch that account to my UBC email?
To change your email address with Mobi, please email Customer Support at info@mobibikes.ca with these details:
  1. I would like to change the email on my account
  2. Provide your 7-digit User Code and PIN
  3. The last 4 digits of the CC on file and/or the current email address.

If you want to change your HOPR email address:
  1. Login to your HOPR account on the app
  2. Go to settings > account
  3. Update your email.
Can I still be charged on the Mobi Ebike Inclusive Pass?
Yes, if you exceed the included 60-minute rides you will be charged overage fees of $0.29/minute for Mobi classic bikes and $0.19/minute for ebikes for every minute beyond 60 minutes.
Can I still be charged on the free HOPR Pass?
Yes, if you exceed the included 60-minute rides you will be charged overage fees of $0.10/minute for HOPR bikes for every minute beyond 60 minutes.
Will my pass automatically renew?
The UBC Pass will not renew automatically. We will require you to sign up for the pass again with a new promo code provided to UBC for the subsequent year.

The Corporate Pass will renew automatically at the regular corporate rates:  Annual Corporate Pass ($119).

The HOPR pass will not renew automatically.
I purchased a HOPR pass before I saw the Mobi promotion. Can I buy a Mobi pass and get my HOPR pass free?
Once you purchase a Mobi pass, we can refund the cost of your HOPR pass back to your original payment method. Please email hello@gohopr.com to your HOPR pass refunded.
I'm a UBC alumnus, do I qualify for the UBC Inclusive Pass?
No, only current UBC students, staff, and faculty are eligible for the UBC Inclusive Pass.