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Corporate Program

Corporate &
Community Program

Enroll as a partner and choose whether you’d like to offer your employees subsidized memberships or simply provide them with a discount on memberships. These two flexible payment options can be catered to your organization’s needs. Please refer to the options below and then click Enroll.

Option 1

Companies who opt-in for this option will receive a unique promo code for discounted membership. Program enrollment fee is $150.


unlimited 30 min rides


reg $129


unlimited 60 min rides


reg $159

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Option 2

Choose the level of subsidy that works best for you. We will take care of the admin and invoice you monthly. Enrollment fee is $150.

Level Company Cost Employee Cost
Example 1 $99 / $119 $0 / $0
Example 2 $75 / $90 $25 / $30
Example 3 $50 / $60 $50 / $60

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Is Your Organization
Already Enrolled?

To sign up for a Corporate membership click the link below, select the 365 Day Corporate Standard or 365 Day Corporate Plus Pass and input your promo code.

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Program Details

Our Corporate & Community Membership Program allows businesses and community groups to provide discounted annual passes for their employees or members. Your employees will love the convenience of Mobi by Shaw Go, whether they are zipping to meetings, heading out for lunch, running a quick errand or simply going out to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise during their breaks. Perfect for “the last mile” between the SkyTrain station and the office, or exploring Vancouver on the weekends, the options are endless.
Option 1: provide a discount for your employees
With this option, you have the freedom to choose how you want to subsidize annual passes for your employees or members.
  • We invoice a set-up fee of $150.
  • You receive a promo code allowing your employees or members to register for a discounted 365 Day Corporate Pass.
  • You receive one free 365 Day Pass Plus (valued at $159) to give away or use at your discretion.
  • You also receive marketing materials to help you promote the program within your organization.

Cost of annual passes:
365 Day Corporate Pass Standard (unlimited 30 minute rides): $99 instead of $129.
365 Day Corporate Pass Plus (unlimited 60 minute rides): $119 instead of $159.

Once your employees or members have joined Mobi by Shaw Go, you can choose to reimburse them for the full or partial amount; this is entirely up to you and no intervention from us is required.
Option 2: subsidize annual passes for employees
With this option, you define the annual pass costs to your organization and to your employees or members, and we take care of the rest.
  • We invoice a set-up fee of $150 to get you started. This fee will be refunded as a credit on your first invoice towards your annual passes purchases.
  • You choose the split that works best for you (see chart below).
  • We provide a promo code for your employees or members to register at the cost you picked.
  • Each month, we will send a list of the employees or members who have joined using your promo code. You will confirm their eligibility, and we will send you a monthly invoice for your portion of the annual passes. You only pay for the eligible employees or members who sign up for an account.

Here are a few examples of how the membership costs can be broken down between your organization and your employees or members.

Please note that regardless of the option chosen, overage fees apply on rides longer than 30 or 60 minutes. The employee or member will need to provide their credit card information and accept the User Agreement when they sign up for their plan
Gold, Silver, and Bronze partner levels
Once you enroll as a Corporate & Community Partner, your organization will be listed on our Partners list.

When more employees or members of your organization join Mobi by Shaw Go, your level of recognition can be upgraded.

For example, the City of Vancouver is targeting Gold level participation by encouraging its employees to use Mobi by Shaw Go for work, for commuting, and for fun.

Membership table

Membership table *out of the total of employees/members based in Vancouver.
Getting started
  1. Enroll. Fill out the online enrolment form and pick the plan that works best for your organization. Choose a Program Manager who will serve as the main contact person for your organization. We will create a promo code for your organization to share with employees or members. They can then redeem their codes at to receive their discounted 365 Day Corporate Pass.
  2. Promote. We will provide you with everything you need to spread the word, including marketing materials. We can also hold a tabling event at your organization to make it even easier for employees or members to sign up.
  3. Manage. If you choose to subsidize annual passes (Option 2), we will send a list of the employees or members who have joined using your promo code each month. The Program Manager will confirm eligibility, and we will send you a monthly invoice. You pay only for the eligible employees or members who sign up for an account.
Enroll Your Organization
Frequently Asked Questions
What type of organizations can sign up for the Corporate & Community Membership Program?
Organizations of any type can participate in the Corporate & Community Membership Program to provide discounted Mobi by Shaw Go 365 Day Corporate Passes to employees or to members. This includes businesses, neighborhood groups, condo associations, service and faith organizations, and social clubs.

Is there a minimum number of employees or members required to be part of the Corporate & Community Membership Program?
Yes. Your organization must have at least 5 employees or members to enroll.

Do we have to pay for all the employees in our organization?
No, you only pay for the employees or members who sign up for Mobi by Shaw Go with your promo code (with option 2). With the option 1, you only pay the set-up fee to get the program started.

How long does our agreement last?
The Corporate & Community Membership Agreement does not need to be renewed or updated until either party would like to make a change to the membership level or discontinue the program. When an employee or member signs up through the Corporate & Community Membership Program, their individual annual pass is good for one year from the day they sign up. Corporate & Community Membership Agreements can be terminated at any time, but doing so will not terminate any employee or member's annual pass purchased during the time the discount was offered.

What is the set-up fee for?
The set-up fee of $150 covers the administrative and marketing costs of setting up the program. If you choose to subsidize annual passes (Option 2) and be invoiced monthly, the $150 is a deposit fee that you will get back as a credit on your first invoice.

How do we verify employee or member eligibility?
You can require a company email address to sign up for your organization's corporate discount. We will send you a list of employees or members who signed up with your corporate promo code every month. If you don't recognize an individual as an employee or member, email us at within 7 business days of receiving the list and we'll remove them from your invoice.

What are the payment methods?
We will issue a monthly invoice that can be paid with Electronic Transfer Funds (ETF) or with a cheque.

Who pays for the overage fees?
The employees or members pay for their overage fees. The discount applies to the annual pass that gives access to the service and provides unlimited rides up to 30 or 60 minutes each. But if rides go over the allotted time, the employee or member will be charged overage fees.

What happens if an employee or member leaves the organization?
Once a participant purchases a 365 Day Corporate Pass using the Corporate & Community Membership discount, they are granted access to the service for the full year, even if they are terminated or leave before the time is up. You will not receive a refund or prorated amount if a participant leaves the company or group.

What if an employee or member is already a Mobi by Shaw Go member?
We are not able to issue corporate discounts retroactively. The employee must wait for their current membership to expire to take advantage of the discounted corporate rate.

Can we buy an annual pass for the office to share?
No. Each rider needs their own annual pass and must sign their own User Agreement. Each individual is accountable for any overage fees and/or damages to the bike and related equipment when they are using the Mobi system.

Can we save money by purchasing 24 Hour Passes or 90 Day Passes for our employees or members instead?
Corporate & Community discounts are only available for 365 Day Corporate Passes, the most cost-effective membership type.

Can you help us market the benefits to employees or members?
Yes of course! We provide Corporate & Community partners with sample emails and a flyer that explains how Mobi by Shaw Go works and how employees or members can sign up for their discounted annual pass.