Meet the Ebike

The boost you need to make your uphill commute or trip across town feel effortless!

Cost to Ride an Ebike

Pay Per Ride (PPR): $1.75 to unlock + $0.39/minute thereafter. 

Monthly Pass: $0 to unlock + $0.29/minute for the first 30 minutes. 

Annual Pass: $0 to unlock + $0.19/minute thereafter.

How To Find an Ebike

  1. Download the Mobi by Rogers app

  2. Click the Ebike Filter to view only available ebikes

  3. Click on a station to view bike details, including the charge percentage of an ebike


Starting A Trip

  1. Press Enter to wake bike

  2. Scan your User Card or enter your 7-digit User Code and press Enter

  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN code and press Enter

  4. Upon unlock BEEP, pull bike out of dock

  5. Enjoy your ride!

    Note: Ebike locks re-engage quickly, so we recommend pulling your bike straight out with both hands as soon as you hear the unlock BEEP


How Pedal-Assist Works

  1. Pedal Assist technology automatically kicks in when you start pedalling

  2. To select the amount of pedel-assist you want, press 1, 2, or 3 on the bike screen

  3. Switch between levels while cycling by pressing the level option you would like

Level 1: Low Assist
Level 2: Medium Assist
Level 3: High Assist *Best for going up hills

Ending A Trip

  1. Wait for single BEEP to confirm trip ended correctly.

  2. Ebike screen will display 'RETURN OK' when your trip has ended correctly.

Rider Safety Tips
  • ​Wear a helmet
  • Riders must be 19 years or older
  • Obey local traffic laws outlined in the Motor Vehicle Act

Ebike Partners

Herbaland is a community focused company with a passion for sustainability! We are excited to partner with Mobi by Rogers for the launch of ebikes and to support more options for eco-friendly transportation in Vancouver.