October 31 2017
Don’t get spooked by these cute kitties, adopt one this Halloween!

As part of Black Cat Awareness Month, Mobi by Shaw Go has partnered with the Vancouver Orphan Rescue Association (VOKRA) to help find forever homes for adorable cats. As black cats are often overlooked, they have a harder time finding forever homes. 

We invited three cats to the Mobi Office and in between watching them get cozy inside the Mobi baskets, we learned a little bit more about them:

Shiva (black and white) & Indra (black)

Shiva and Indra were born on the streets of Burnaby to a semi-tame mom. They weren’t too sure about humans at first, but with lots of love and attention, they’re now a couple of social cuddle bugs.

Shiva’s a sweet little girl who’s very calm and relaxed. She loves cuddle time and absolutely adores having her belly rubbed until she falls asleep. When she’s not cuddling, she enjoys playing with her sister Indra and the two of them have so much fun jumping around and pouncing on their favourite toys together. 

Indra’s pretty much the cuddliest kitten you’ll ever meet. She gets so excited when she sees you that she begins to purr instantly! She loves to be held and snuggled and especially adores having her tummy rubbed. When she’s not cuddling with you, she’s playing with her sister Shiva. 

These two kittens are adorable and truly deserve a loving home, hopefully together.

Rocky (currently not available for adoption)
Rocky is an extremely outgoing, loveable and social cat. He’s had a tough go these past couple of years, having been surrendered twice, but he hasn’t let these challenges affect his friendly purrsonality. Rocky’s currently at VOKRA’s Operations Centre where he’s being monitored for an eating disorder called Pica –a term used for the behavior of eating non-food material. Rocky will stay with VOKRA as long as it takes to figure it out before he’s ready for adoption. Whoever ends up with this friendly guy will be extremely lucky!

VOKRA’s mission is to end cat homelessness. They rescue, heal, then home cats – first in their network of more than 350 foster homes, then in carefully matched, loving forever homes. Originally founded back in 2000 with the intention of caring for bottle-feed kittens, VOKRA has now grown into a full-fledged rescue organization responsible for saving more than 1,400 cats and kittens from around the Lower Mainland each year. 
As a 100% volunteer-driven charity, VOKRA relies on the support of its many volunteers and donors. If you’re interested in adoption or finding out how you can help visit their website at

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the taking of these photos. Please do not attempt to ride bikes with cats or other animals in the basket. Vancouver Bike Share Inc is not liable for any damages resulting in doing so.