October 11 2017
Mobi by Shaw Go Wedding!

We had our second Mobi wedding this Fall and it was beautiful. Kaitlin Straker, Leah Day and their wedding party biked in style from their ceremony to the reception in their wedding dresses! We asked the newlyweds a few questions.

Why did you choose to Mobi to the reception?
One of the first things we thought about when starting to plan our wedding was the idea of having a wedding bike gang, where all of our guests from out of town could have the chance to see Vancouver along the bike routes that we always cycle. We love to cycle and are out on our bikes nearly every day. We chose to Mobi because we've heard great things about the company as well as how easy it is to bike on them, and we see how many bike stands are around the city, making them super accessible to everyone- tourists and locals.  

What was your experience like?
Our experience was fantastic biking on our wedding day!  It took it to another level of fun and our guests raved about it all night and I'm sure will for weeks to come. Biking for Leah in her Sari was easy peasy, she was able to tie it like a pair of shorts. Biking for Kait was a little less easy but barely. She almost forgot to pack a pair of tights to pull on under her dress and had to rush back in and grab it before traveling to the ceremony. She found the best way to ride with the dress was to tuck it up into her back. 

How did your guests feel about biking to the reception?
The guests absolutely loved biking to the reception. It was such a fun experience for them and for us to look behind us and see many of our loved ones biking and singing along with tunes we had playing. People on the street would cheer as we biked past, cars honked, even a police car was honking in celebration.  We wished the bike ride lasted longer!  ​

About the brides:
Leah is the Leah of Leah Day Arts. She often creates custom pieces in support of the LGBTQ+ youth and other causes close to her heart. This year she has been creating pieces depicting Canadian birds and various animals in an attempt to raise funds to help save endangered animals. (

Kaitlin is a Birth Doula who owns Birch and Chickadee Birth Support. She helps support new parents as they bring new babies into our world. (