December 01 2023
Winter Weather Alerts and Riding Tips

We bid adieu to the drier days, but despite the frigid and wetter conditions, our riders do not seem to be affected by the colder circumstances. With winter upon us, we'd like to share a few winter riding tips that'll offer some insight to a safer and more comfortable commute throughout the winter season.

Tips for Riding in the Winter

Here are a few tips to make sure you have the safest and most enjoyable ride possible with Mobi by Rogers.

1. Layer up: Riding will warm you up so wear layers. If you get too hot as you ride, safely pull over and remove a layer - but always keep your ears and hands shielded for optimal comfort!

2. Make yourself visible: Mobi by Rogers bikes come equipped with dynamo powered lights, but it is also a good idea to wear light-coloured clothing and reflective materials if possible. Always make sure you can be seen by drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists.​

3. Adjust your braking: Brake slowly and brake early. You don't want to slam on your brakes or brake as you're making a corner and spin out. Remember to also brake more on the rear wheel.

4. Reduce your speed before turns: Slow down well in advance of approaching a turn to give yourself more time to react (especially with our ebikes) to avoid potential skidding on wet leaves. To ensure a smooth and comfortable turn, remember to keep your inside pedal up to avoid catching the pedal on the curb.

5. Set your own limits: It’s important to decide for yourself when you’re comfortable riding and when you’re not.

Important Things to Note with Wintery Weather Conditions:

Make sure bike lights are working: Be sure to check if your lights are working, especially if you are riding at night. If you notice the lights on a bike are not turning on please report this issue by going to the Report issue in the Mobi app

Gears might not work properly due to the cold temperature: We advise that you check them before you take a bike out. Tip: If it’s stuck in 3rd gear, it will work for most rides.

Stations can be icy after snowfall: We make an effort to salt our stations but be extra cautious when checking out a bike.

Learn to recognize ice: Black ice forms when snow melts in the sun then re-freezes once the sun goes down. Ride carefully in areas which get direct sunlight in the day, or anywhere that appears wet on a below-freezing day.

Stay informed: Keep an eye on local weather forecasts and road condition updates to plan your rides accordingly. Be aware of any road/bike-lane closures or advisories that may affect your route.

Reminder: Our lights are dynamo powered so they turn on when the wheels begin to rotate.

In the event of an ice storm or extreme weather conditions that create dangerous, slippery road conditions Mobi by Rogers may, in the interest of safety, decide to close some or all of the stations in the system. We will alert members to these closures via email, Facebook and Twitter.