July 20 2018
Celebrating two years of public bike share in Vancouver

Vancouver’s public bike share system is marking two years of helping residents and visitors get around Vancouver with over one million rides.
Over one million rides in two years

Launched two years ago on July 20, 2016 by the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Bike Share Inc., the system has been eagerly adopted by Vancouver residents.

In its inaugural year, Mobi by Shaw Go saw exceptional uptake with over 35,000 users by fall 2017. Today, Mobi by Shaw Go boasts 154 stations, over 1,500 bikes, and over 1 million rides covering over three million kilometres – making a big contribution towards encouraging more people to cycle. 

“Mobi by Shaw Go is a tremendous success and has quickly become a valuable part of Vancouver’s active transportation network, with over 400,000 rides covering a million kilometres in its first year alone,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Over half of trips in Vancouver are made by walking, cycling and transit – Mobi has made short trips between transit stops more convenient and with the recent initial expansion to Commercial Drive, connecting to Vancouver’s active transportation network is easier than ever before!”
Great ways to use bike share

Mobi by Shaw Go remains popular for:

  • Commuting to work and zipping to meetings
  • Taking one-way trips or linking with other modes like walking or transit to run a quick errand or to socialize
  • Taking a leisurely ride to enjoy the fresh air

Mobi by Shaw Go continues to expand and grow – July is on track to be the busiest month to date with over 3,300 rides per day on average and July 11, 2018 has proven one of the busiest days with almost 4,000 rides.
“It has been so exciting to see the growth of Mobi by Shaw Go in two short years. Hitting these major milestones of 154 stations, 1,500 bikes, and over 1,000,000 rides is a major accomplishment for our hard-working local team. And with more expansion coming this summer, this incredible ride will continue to roll. We want to thank our members and our partners for helping us to make bike sharing in Vancouver the success it has come to be” says Mia Kohout, General Manager of Vancouver Bike Share Inc. “Happy 2nd Birthday Mobi by Shaw Go!”
To celebrate the two-year anniversary, Mobi by Shaw Go is offering discounted “365 Day” passes from now until July 22, 2018. Visit  for more details.
  • $30 off the 365 Day Standard Pass (promo code 2ndbday1)
  • $40 off the 365 Day Plus Passes (promo code 2ndbday2)
To learn more about Vancouver’s public bike share system, visit
Mobi by the numbers
  • 1,000,000+ total rides since July 20, 2016
  • Average of 2,500-3,000 rides per day in warmer months
  • 3.12+ million kilometres travelled to date
  • 19 minutes: average trip duration
  • ~3 kilometres: average trip distance 
A timeline of Public Bike Share in Vancouver  
Find a map with live stations including number of bikes and open docks available at each station, plus more details on pricing, on the Mobi website.

Source: City of Vancouver:
Date: July 20, 2018