February 27 2023
Member Spotlight: Koko


Little did you know that canines are also members of our bike share program! Meet Koko, a mixed Pomeranian who enjoys riding Mobi by Shaw Go around the city to get to dog parks and sunny walks along the seawall.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Koko, mixed Pomeranian adopted from BC SPCA.

How did you get started with Mobi by Shaw Go?

I started using Mobi during the summer time, it was super easy to travel along the sea wall to off leash parks; Olympic Village to Sunset Beach.

How do you integrate Mobi by Shaw Go into your life?

We use Mobi by Shaw Go to bike when we get lazy to walk home from the dog park.

Favourite place to ride and why?

Olympic Village all the way to English Bay beach sea wall~ it's the nicest view of the city being close to water and all the stops on the way.

Any message you would like to pass on to those thinking about getting a Mobi by Shaw Go membership?

Most definitely try it during spring and summer, it's easy to travel in the downtown core as well on the sea wall! We definitely love the easy transfers/parking.