April 18 2023
Mobi By Shaw Go 2022 Annual Report


To view the full Annual Report, please click here.

The Mobi by Shaw Go Annual Report is here!

Check out our Annual Report and see how Vancouver’s bike share program grew in 2022.

In the last year alone, Mobi by Shaw Go members travelled 2,724,119 kilometres (a total of 977,217 trips) which is the equivalent of cycling the circumference of the earth approximately 68 times! 1 in 5 bike share trips replace trips that would have otherwise been taken by car meaning that Mobi by Shaw Go members saved 152,872 kg of CO2 from the environment. 

Between the launch of ebikes, our service area expansion, the new Mobi app
and COVID recovery efforts, 2022 was a big year for us. To read more about the equity and accessibility initiatives we’ve launched, click the link above to read the full report.