April 23 2018
Ride on Over in 30: Victoria Drive to Granville Island

Do you know why we have a 30 min ride limit? Is it because you can ride across a large part of Vancouver within that time frame? Or because on a 30 min bike ride you can burn a couple hundred calories? While both are true, the reason for the 30 min ride limit is because Mobi by Shaw Go bikes are meant for sharing.

If Mobi members were allowed to keep a bicycle all day, that particular bike would no longer be useful for the rest of the city. As a bike share service we want to encourage having each bike serve several different users per day on a short term basis. Did you know that during the summer months each bike is ridden on average 3.2 times per day! Full disclosure, 60 min rides are available with a 365 Day Pass Plus, currently on sale for $119! A $40 savings.


To highlight the fact that on a 30 min ride you can most likely get to where you need to go we’re showcasing different routes around the city that take 30 min or less. This particular one takes you from Victoria Drive to Granville Island. Missed last week's 30 min route? Check it out here.

Victoria Drive to Granvile Island



Weekend plans? Let’s envision some. Maybe dinner in East Vancouver before making your way to the Arts Theater Club for the showing of Misery, a roller coaster of a play that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Dinner first though. Ever tried the wood-fired pizza from Via Tevera? It's a great place to start your evening.
Once you finish your dinner in East Vancouver it's time to make your way to Granville Island. How do you get there you wonder? You could wait for the bus, make a transfer and cross your fingers you make it in time. Or you could take a taxi but that's expensive and not much fun. Mobi by Shaw Go perhaps? It's both a
fun and convenient way to get around. The soon to be installed docking stations along Victoria Drive are just a short walk away from where you ate dinner.

If the sun has set by the time you start your ride don't worry. Mobi bikes have lights that turn on as soon as you begin to pedal to keep you visible and light the way.

Interact With the Map to Learn About the Route!


After your dinner it's time to make your way to Granville Island and there is no option as fun and convenient than by Mobi by Shaw Go.

Minute 3
Once you've made a right onto Graverly Street, home to the oldest house in the Grandview-Woodland area built in 1899, continue on until you meet Woodland Dr, a designated bike route.

Minute 7
Here you cross a bridge which gives you jaw dropping peek-a-boo view of downtown. While you stop to take it in for a moment maybe you also need to adjust your seat? The seat post is marked so you can set it to your exact height.

Minute 11
There is a steep downhill section here. Fun! Don't pick up too much speed though, you will be making a right on Glenn Drive followed by an immediate right onto Great Northern Way.
Minute 14
As you pedal down Great Northern Way you'll be in a separated bike lane that takes you past Emily Carr University. Be sure to visit THE SHOW which showcases work by this year's graduates.

Minute 17
You've made a right on Thornton and a left on 1st Ave to get here. Art Galleries galore in this area! To all our relief it's relatively flat from here on out!

Minute 20
Welcome to Olympic Village! Did you know you can change gears on Mobi bikes at any time? No peddling or moving required to shift from gear 7 to 1. This is especially useful if you come to a stop on a hill and realize you want a lower gear to get started.

Minute 22
You're about to pass under the Cambie Street Bridge. There are a lot of sharrows in this area to help show you the way. Look for a signs that say Seaside Bypass.

Minute 24
Almost there! Charleson and Lameys Mill Road is a great route to cycle whether you're on a Mobi By Shaw Go's bike or not. It's rarely used by traffic but a very popular route for bicyclists.

Minute 28
Your trip ends here! Dock and be done. Enjoy the show! We'll be ready and waiting when the show lets out.