November 05 2019
#ArtBike Q&A with Victoria Mitchell

We’ve partnered with the Eastside Culture Crawl this year to bring more art to the streets of Vancouver! We had 17 Culture Crawl artists submit their work to be featured on Mobi by Shaw Go bicycles, and then following a public vote, selected the top 5 designs. 

A huge thank you to all 17 artists who submitted their work, they were all fantastic pieces! 

The top 5 submissions are from Desiree Patterson, Hollis Nelson, Laura Clark, Leanne M Christie, and Victoria Mitchell. We had the pleasure of having them answer some questions about their respective pieces.

Here is our interview with Victoria Mitchell, be sure to check out the other 4 artist Q&A’s as well!

A little about me and my art & where I draw my inspiration from

I have had a life long passion for creating visuals from emotions, inspired by what comes from within. Extensive studies of body structure & kinetics over the years, as both an RMT & yoga teacher, has influenced my painting representations of natural elements. I am intrigued by the exploration of our environments, and finding different ways to communicate the feeling of what I see through painting.

Living in the beauty of the BC West Coast lends inspiration to diverse creative endeavors, and there is an abundance of ever-changing elements & settings to explore through painting. Since 2017, I have enjoyed sharing these works in galleries and exhibitions, along with the pleasure of broadening communications with those who connect with what I create.

Eastside Culture Crawl 

My first solo show was for the Eastside Culture Crawl in 2017. For this I was the featured artist in a Westender Newspaper article, & featured painter in a CBC radio interview with Stephen Quinn. The ECCS administration was an incredibly positive & supportive network with my foray into the art world. I am very much looking forward to connections and conversations around art during the Crawl 2019!


About the design I submitted & the message of my work

Artwork can be a great way of translating important messages. I value the time spent painting endangered species, and the conversations around these completed works. Recognition of such subjects through art, can be a valuable avenue for provoking thought & concern…and consequent steps toward positive environmental changes. 

Mobi Bikes go hand-in-hand with these endeavors! Great to have those endangered ‘Mobees’ circulating on the bikes!

6. Where can members find your art online/offline?


Instagram: @victoriamitchellstudio
FB: @VictoriaMitchellArt


I am presently in transition with creative space. My location for the Eastside Culture Crawl is at 1282 Franklin St. Artists at this location will be evicted by the end of 2019 ;(

I also have some art work at 100 Braid St, New Westminster, and the Matheson & Grove Gallery in Penticton BC. And a few of my small paintings are at Kali Trading on Commercial 

Best advice given to me as an artist   

‘You must return to painting, and you must let others see it’.  As repeated by my extremely precious father as he was in my care long term before passing away. He was a highly creative man, who regretted holding back so much in his timid lifetime.  Consequently, his daughter is pushing through interviews, lectures, shows, art work on Mobi Bikes around Vancouver ;) So good!

Thank you to Victoria for coming in and for allowing your work to cruise through Vancouver's streets!

We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the stories behind our new Art Bikes - Next time you ride one, be sure to tag us social media so we can see the rides these bikes will go on!